Over the past year(ish) that I've been at SOAS, I've grown to love London and everything about the city that I'd like to consider my new (and hopefully future) home. I love London. I love it, I love it, I love everything there is about it. No matter what kind of a person you are, you're bound to find a niche for to settle yourself in in London - and if you haven't, then you haven't looked hard enough! The multiculturalism, the beautiful energy, the old-world charm are all small pieces of the puzzle that give London its vibrant atmosphere - an atmosphere that I became instantaneously enamoured with.

Having said that, it must be said that I've been having the time of my life since being back in India this summer. I hadn't been in India since September 2011, and being back home, with my family, my old friends, my old way of life - it's been quite different from the past nine months in London, but it's been absolutely fabulous. I've already started feeling these pangs of heartache every time I think about having to leave my loved ones here at home and go back to living alone in London (yes, yes, I know I live in university halls where there're tons of people always around but it is different nonetheless..) I'm a sappy sucker when it comes to sentiments, so you can expect waterworks at any point when his particular topic is being discussed. 

To add another bit of juxtaposition and undeniable inner-conflict to this post (great, I know), ever since the Olympics started I've been nostalgic about my time in London. Olympics-hysteria has taken over the globe and the UK is at the centre of the world's attention. The Brits and their enthusiasm have really done a great job by accentuating the sportsapalooza and though even I'm not a great fan of sports, I've become hooked to the television watching whatever event is on, whether it be women's weightlifting (new favourite sport what whaat), rhythmic gymnastics, or synchronized swimming! Seeing aerial views of the city - from Trafalgar Square to South Bank - during the breaks between events, I myself want to be down in Hyde Park with a Union Jack in hand (strictly for the atmosphere, I promise - Team India all the way ahem), a picnic on the way, and cheering on the athletes with all the others lounging around the public viewings. A glass or five of Pimm's, some yummeh foods from the nearest M&S, a mandatory combination of red and blue somewhere on your body, and you're set! Ahhhh London. See you in September!

ps: It turns out that today was just one of those days that I was really in the mood to write. For that reason, this isn't a picture-heavy post, but I quite like the idea of a rant or two from time to time (and I hope you feel the same way ahem). If you've been being a wonderful person and visiting Güzel Günlerimiz, do post below in the comments and let me know your thoughts (you don't have to be a blog owner or anything of the sort to post comments btw). It only takes a few seconds, and I'd love to hear from you! 

Cheers! (See what I did there?...)

December 2011 - When la familia visited me in London during winter break. Best of both worlds? I think so. Win! 


  1. I think you should write more often D. Big fan <3

  2. Thanks for the bday wish .. wonderful
    pictures on your blog.



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