When I decided to start Güzel Günlerimiz I swore to myself that I wouldn't dwindle for too long between posts and leave the masses un-entertained. The past ten days of inactivity, however, have flouted my own personal rule and left me frustrated with my lack of commitment. Why am I taking this so seriously? Because it's in my nature to start projects (be it a blog, a handmade hair accessories business, or self-teaching myself German) with a colossal amount of enthusiasm, only to abandon said project after a few weeks... Well, upon finding another quirky hobby that piques my curiosity, of course. I suppose I have a valid excuse this time though. I'm interning at Penn Schoen Berland for six weeks this summer and I'm having the time of my life. It's a great atmosphere to work in because the people are fun, cool, and good at what they do. Today, for example, in celebration of Eid, our boss ordered in biryani and mithai for the entire office. MMMMMMM. If you're interested in politics, media, and market research and communication, I strongly suggest you check out their website to see the kind of work they do. Some of their notable clients include Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, who they backed during the re-election campaigns! Cool stuff, I know. I work 9 - 6, five days a week, and though I'm not doing any physical work, sitting on my butt for nine hours makes me crave a couch, the tv remote, and a continuous supply of food to be placed in front of me the second I reach home. 

While going through my archive, I decided it was relevant to post a couple of pictures from a beautifully sunny day in May when Anna Banana, Noury, and I decided to visit Portobello Road. Why relevant? Yesterday, after a ridiculously long period of time, Nour and I were able to battle the terrible time difference between New Delhi and New York City, and Skype for an hour-ish. Now that she's back in the US to finish her final year of university, I won't see her for a while - well, till she visits me in London teehee (Nour, I hope you're reading this). I love how going through our old pictures never fails to make me giggle and reminisce over our the great memories we built in such a short period of time. Good times, good times. 

Me and my breakfast Börek, which kept me full all day! For some reason, the Turks serving me in cafe wouldn't reply to me in Turkish except for a Görüsürüz! in the end...it was odd and disconcerting and my flawless Turkish and I were offended. Geesh.

 I swear to God, su böreği is one of my favourite foods on the planet and this one in particular was just...OOOMMMPPHHHH. +1 for tangy feta and creamy spinach compressed between layers of soft doughy pastry.

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