Swagath is one the Mukherji family's all-time favourite restaurants, owing completely to their exceptional food and service. From the servers to the managers, everyone is kind and makes your dining experience a grand one. But what keeps us coming back over and over (and over and over and over) again is their fabulous food. They specialise in Mangalorian, Malabari, and Chettinad cusine though they are also pretty good when it comes to their North Indian food (omg their tandoori chicken). With its focus on South Indian coastal food, it's seafood is spectacular. With a menu as extensive as theirs (I should add they also make Chinese) it's crucial that you know what to order to make your meal a special one. What, you ask, is their star dish? The one item that catapults them to the top of many a list of ridiculously delicious foods? What (at least) keeps us coming back for more?

Butter garlic anything.

That's right, you heard me. Butter garlic anything. Their butter garlic sauce is to die for. It's a molten mix of what seems like buckets and buckets of butter and freshly fried garlic, to which you add a seafood of your choice. Butter garlic squid, prawn, pomfret, bombay duck, surmai, and a range of other kinds of fish. The winner hands down, however, is their butter garlic crab. Unimaginably sweet and soft crab meshes with the rich, luxurious gravy to create a party in your mouth. The combination is so perfect, so perfect. I honestly have no words to explain how this is hands down the greatest item of food on the planet. Great, now I'm hungry again...

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